The Difference between Brand and Logo

Brands and logos are not one and the same thing.  It is very important to get them both right to have a successful organization.  For many, a logo is a part of company branding.  Let’s take a look at the two elements.

Designing a New and Effective Logo

A logo is the visual representation of your business and you need to get it right, whether it is a brand new logo or a revamp on the existing one. Follow these hints and tips to make sure your logo design will convey the right message.

Top Tips to Create a Professional Timeless Logo Design

So you want to create a professional timeless logo design and are looking for some great tips to get started?  After you've got some basic graphic design skills you're now ready to learn what makes a great company logo and what aspects will separate it from competing business logos.  First we need to understand what a logo's purpose is.  A logo's printing design is meant to show loyalty, instant recognition, inspire trust and admiration in the company, and give off an implied superiority.  A logo doesn't necessarily have to show what your company does.  For example the Apple logo printing does not show a computer, the Nike swoosh is not an image of a shoe.  Simple logo concepts are sometimes the best thing to go for when you want a timeless memorable piece.  Size of the logo matters though, and so do aspect ratios.  Can your logo printing be noticed even in small sizes?  Like a ballpoint pen or key chain?  Take for the example the Nike Swoosh, it can be noticed even on a small portion of the shirt.