The Difference between Brand and Logo

What Is Company Branding?

The brand is what your company stands for.  It involves company values and a personality.  Good company branding makes your organization more trustworthy and professional in look.  Essentially, company branding is about giving clarity about how a business wants to be seen by the world.  It describes morals and values as well as their beliefs and overall ethos.  Patrons must be able to relate to this in order to ensure a growing customer database.  Any company must have clear company branding and stick to everything that they believe in, living the brand as such.  Within company branding, you will find such issues as how interaction between the industry and the buyers takes place.

Brands allow companies to be consistent, to have clear ideals and values and to be flexible when circumstances change.

What Is a Logo?

A logo is an image that represents the entire organization.  Where the brand is the personality, the logo is the face.  It is unique and it is something that people will remember.  However, the amount it can communicate is quite limited, which is why it is so important to get it right. 

Through this image, an industry can be represented easily.  Usually, it is a single symbol in no more than two colors and perhaps some text.  It supports the brand, rather than being a standalone item.  The image has to be completely unique and customers have to be able to see it and remember it.  Think, for instance, of the images used by Nike and Coca-Cola.  Simple, but incredibly effective.

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