Designing a New and Effective Logo

Think Customer

Within logo design, it isn’t about what you think looks good, it is about what your clients want to see.  What are their expectations of your brand?  How will you excite your patrons and how will you push them away?

Think Money

The economy is tight and most of us cannot afford splashing out on a big logo design campaign.  If anything, it may push your clientele away if they see you are spending on unimportant things.  Besides that, the big logos show us that using just one or two colors are more than sufficient.

Think Exposure

Think about where your logo will be used.  If you are an online business, for instance, your logo design must incorporate web optimization.  Think about how it will look on social networking as well, like Twitter and Facebook.  But your logo must also look good if you print it on paper.

Think Consistency

Consistency is key in branding.  Choose corporate colors and stick to them religiously.  Make sure that everyone in your organization uses the same fonts and that these look good together with your logo.  Consistency leads to credibility, meaning customers will trust you and your company and that they will know you are a professional organization.

Keep it Real

You must create a brand that is clear for everyone to understand.  Don’t create a brand for each product or service that you have, but bring it all together in just one image.  Your logo must be easy to recognize and easy to remember.  The logo itself doesn’t have to give away all the strategies in your company, but rather express the main driver behind your processes.

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