Why you should try Using Postcards for Marketing

Postcards feel more personal, you’re mailing something physical out to clients or customers, which gets noticed by most people for going that extra mile to say ‘hello’ or make a proposition.  Here are a few more reasons why postcards are great for marketing:

Concise Messaging

Postcards are great for optimizing your marketing by streamlining your message so that you can say what you need to say in a direct manner.  If you are unable to get your point across in the space of a standard postcard, then use this as an opportunity to improve it.

Form Lasting Bonds

Customers and clients are far more likely to remember your impromptu postcard that is sent without overt sales pitches or underlying prerogatives.  If you use your postcards to show off your slick graphics/logo work and make the recipient want to actually use or share it, then you’re breaking the mold on what is considered standard marketing effectiveness.

Strengthen your Brand Image

Designing postcards can allow for some pretty stylish presentations and refining of graphic design work, even if your logos and images are already strong.  As with the writing contained within the postcard, this brings opportunity to streamline and improve your visuals, too.  Forgo the vanilla, uniform, asymmetrical designs that are standard on most websites, use this as a chance to wow and impress your customers!

Low-cost Marketing

Mailing postcards to new/potential clients and customers is a really economical way to market yourself, actually; with affordable websites like https://www.axxisprinting.com/ , you can get a nice bulk order rate, and then simply take advantage of affordable postal services to get your message out there and into the hands of your customers.  The investment is well worth it when you consider how few eyes actually “see” traditional means of market, as opposed to anyone who sifts through their mailbox on a regular basis.

It’s a great time to take advantage of all the potential avenues in marketing to get your business seen in the real world, not just the digital one.

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