Effective Mailing Management – Direct Mail and Junk Mail

Your Audience

Who are you sending your communication to?  Your audience is responsible for nearly all of your strategy, determining the design and message of the mailer.

Your Message

When starting a campaign, you must know exactly what your message is.  It must grab the attention of your audience immediately and it must be free from mistakes.  Try doing something original, like sending a postcard instead.

Your Goal

You must know what you want to achieve with your mailer as well.  Do you want more customers, do you want to keep your existing clientele, are you advertising a change in your business?

The Design

The way your message will look is incredibly important.  A postcard is usually appreciated because it is original and short, so this may be a great idea.  The postcard must be relevant, however, with a clear theme.


People like to get things and if your mailer gives them something for free if they take action, you are likely to see far greater results.  However, do make sure you can afford the incentives.  The financial part is very important and you must have a clear idea of the cost of printing your postcards too.

The Follow Up

In order to manage your marketing campaign, you need to know whether you have been successful.  Decide how you will follow up on your postcard to see whether your clients enjoyed it.  Also, by involving your clients in this process, you are more likely to increase engagement and thereby having more successful mailers in the future.

These are but a few tips to make sure your next campaign is a success.  Do make sure you have realistic expectations as well.

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