Business Card Printing – Efficiently Meeting the Needs of Individuals and Business Organizations

People who order their business cards decide what information to include facilitating follow up contacts with recipients of their cards. In business card printing, besides names and company affiliations of business card owners, nowadays all types of contact details are printed to enable recipients of business cards to choose the manner of contact that is most suitable for them.

In addition to the essential details, business card printing typically includes company logos and color photos of business card owners. As for printing colors, they are no longer confined to the black on white pattern which was common until recently. Colors are employed to create unique business cards that make a lasting first impression and together with visual design form appealing invitations for further contacts.

Business card printing usually employs quality paper with specified density and thickness, to ensure the quality of the final products. If business cards are to be printed without color photos, offset printing is employed. Spot coloring can be in the same color for business cards of a company’s all employees. Nowadays, with the vast use of digital business card printing, it has proved cost effective to use full color printing for business cards. In it, the four color printing process is applied which makes use of cyan, magenta, yellow and black. When overprinted on one another, these colors create a range of colors and hues. Because there is the effect of tiny dots visible on such cards for which business card printing employs sheet fed presses, some people prefer spot color printing in which a solid visual effect is achieved. It should be noted that spot color printing should be employed for simpler designs of cards with line art, or for non black types smaller than 65 points in size.

To take the design in business card printing further and achieve the effect of raised print, an inexpensive technique is employed which is called thermography. In it, plastic powder is used which sticks to wet ink, and afterwards cards are passed through heating units which melt the plastic onto cards to achieve the raised effect. A similar effect can be achieved with spot UV varnish on matte laminated paper.

The choice of type of business card printing is decided by individuals and organizations, in accordance with their purposes. For people who insist on classic business cards, the choice is uncoated cards, typically 14 pt. For sleek look, individuals and business people can choose double sided cards with matte finish which leaves a satin like impression, and with full color printing. People who choose their cards printed with spot UV on both sides will obtain cards with highly glossy coating on specifically designated areas, in full color on both sides.

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