Door Hanger Printing and Marketing for Soaring of Business Profits

Door hangers nowadays come in several standard sizes selected in accordance with the amount of information to be printed on them. They are typically printed in full color on both sides to add appeal to information contained, and have holes which fit all types of door knobs. Nowadays UV coating is preferred in door hanger printing, as it repels moisture and dirt and enables door hangers to retain their appealing and inviting look. Non UV coated door hangers with a matte finish are also in high demand.

Business people and organizations that wish to use the services of door hanger printing for the efficient advertising and marketing of their businesses can choose among pre-made templates, or they can offer their own designs and upload them on printing websites such as to be used for originality, specificity and a strong marketing message. High resolution images are a must, and customers who wish to offer images from the Internet for door hanger printing should be aware that such images have typically a low resolution which does not yield good image quality on door hangers, so image resolution should be checked and if it is 300 dpi or higher, then customers can be confident they have selected good quality images.

For the efficient marketing of products and services, it is not recommended to clutter the door hanger design with excessive amounts of text or graphic images. Door hanger printing companies suggest using a main font that is sufficiently large to grab recipients’ attention at the outset, and there should not be key design bearing a marketing message around the hole punch, as the area around it is not visible enough and the message may be lost.

The marketing carried out by means of door hangers has proved to be efficient, to enable products and services to become noticed by recipients who found appealing door hanger printing products on their door knobs. They can use the contact details contained on door hangers to learn more about the items marketed and can be attracted in an immediate manner to become customers of companies using hangers for their marketing purposes.

Companies and business persons considering door hanger printing to include door hangers in their marketing should plan to have a sufficient number of door hangers printed, and they can also help to offset their carbon footprint if they order their hangers printed on 100 percent recycled paper. By using door hangers in their marketing campaigns, companies and business persons manage to strongly impress their potential customers, invite them to provide valuable feedback and become customers, and thus profits soar.

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